Procedures for Service Ring Reimbursement

In order to receive consideration for a service ring, the following must occur:


1. A candidate must have been a member of the Long Beach Football Unit for not less than 20 years (new in 2004) and be a member in good standing.


2. A candidate must request the ring through the Ring Chairman for approval.


3. The Ring Chairman will verify, through the Unit’s Secretary, the Official’s years of service with the LBFOA.


4. Although the design, style, and materials used to manufacture the ring is solely the choice of the candidate, the Board may from time to time set a monetary limitation on the amount it will reimburse.  The current commitment of the Board is the cost of a basic ring.


Although the current Board anticipates that these procedures will continue indefinitely, it is the absolute right of any Board to modify the criteria and/or process, change the monetary commitment, or discontinue the program altogether.


For officials who are retiring from the Long Beach Unit, he/she can also request reimbursement for a service ring as outlined above.  The only difference in the process is that the retiring official must have been a member of the Long Beach Football Unit for 15 years (new in 2004).