30 Aug 2016

Bands Memo

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With regards to your question about what a school band can, or cannot do, during a football contest.  While there is no specific rule cited in the 2016-17 National Federation of High Schools Football Rule Book, or in the 2016-2017 C.I.F. Southern Section Blue Book regarding this issue, the standard procedure for football contests, as interpreted by this office and the California Football Officials Association is a follows:

A band can play during a contest, but only during breaks in the action.  For example, between plays, during timeouts, between quarters, half-time, and so on.  If a band is playing during the game, it is considered unsportsmanlike conduct by the team whose band is playing.  The playing of music during the game can be a distraction to the competing teams, and the officials, and can result in placing teams at an advantage or disadvantage as a result.  It is the expectation of this office, and the game officials, that the administration of the offending school will make sure that the band adheres to this standard.  If the playing of music during game action continues, then the officials have the authority to penalize the offending team 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct, each and every time it happens.  This would be an unfortunate situation for all concerned if that were to occur.  I am sure you would agree that any outside influences on the outcome of a game, like a band playing during the action, should not be a factor in the final result of that contest.